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A comprehensive overview of the various parts to be used in the tunnel carwash

Vertical and horizontal brushes of Tunnel Carwash (CCWash)

Vertical and horizontal brushes on apparatus are made of polyethylene. Softness and high cleaning power of these brushes result in ideal cleaning and leaves no line scratches on the body of vehicle. By rotation in different angles, Arabeilgar's Tunnel carwash provides full coverage washing.

Entrance control block:

An obstruction bar is inserted in the entrance of Arabeilgar's Tunnel carwash (CCWash) to prevent from any probable malfunction and car crashes inside the tunnel. Following photocell system's recognition and command, car enters the tunnel for conducting washing process. This block is responsible for cars entrance into the tunnel.

Wheel entrance controller:

Before placing on conveyor, wheels are set on controller to enter properly inside the tunnel.


Conveyor is one of the major parts of Arabeilgar's Tunnel Carwash. Generally, conveyor shows the overall length of tunnel. Conveyor leads vehicle through tunnel for better washing.

Underbody washing lance:

One of the main advantages of Arabeilgar's Tunnel Carwash (CCWash) is complete washing including underbody cleaning. Underbody lance sprays high pressure water to get the best washing result.

Prewashing Robowash

High pressure washing nozzles spray water before main washing process. Pre-washing robowash rinses the body to reduce dust and pollutions.

Entrance Robowash

Entrance robowash is located on the entrance of washing tunnel to perform pre-washing and foam spraying. This robowash is equipped with foam injection nozzles to cover the body of vehicle with detergents and prepare it for washing. This part is made of hot galvanized stainless steel material. Washing program panel is attached on two lateral columns and displays the running programs on its screen.

Hub ring washer:

Washing the wheels and hub central rings is conducted by two brushes in hub washing unit. Once the place of wheels is detected by photocell sensor, disc brushes start cleaning the wheels.

Brushing unit:

Total number of brushes is variable based on customers order. By default, there are three types of brushes in this apparatus namely: vertical, horizontal and auxiliary brushes. The more the number of brushes is, the better will be the washing quality. Vertical brushes are inserted for lateral washing with changeable angles. Horizontal brushes are designed for front, back, top and bumpers washing. Two extra horizontal brushes can be added to the apparatus. Auxiliary brushes wash the lower parts of the vehicle. These brushes are made of polyethylene or soft foam based on the order and each one has its own special characteristics.

Rinsing unit:

Rinsing by purified water follows brushing for a better cleaning and leaning no spot on the body of the car.

Waxing unit:

Drying the body after brushing is very important in automatic carwashes. Because of the importance of this action, wax injection unit with drying ability prevents from spots and increases the brightness and shinning of the car.

Final rinsing robowash with purified water:

The final rinsing with purified water is done by robowash in Arabeilgar's Tunnel carwashes. Pure water with no minerals decreases the probability of any damages which will happen otherwise.

Separator drying curtain:

This curtain separates rinsing unit from drying and dewatering units. It mainly acts as a drying accessory part in Arabeilgar's Tunnel Carwash (CCWash).

Powerful drying fan (CCWash):

the final unit in Arabeilgar's Tunnel carwash (CCWash) in drying unit. this unit includes top and lateral drying fans. Each part has two drying fans with power of 4-7.5 kW. The top drier is built- up of a powerful fan and engine which enables it to dry the upper part of car in different aspiration directions. Lateral driers run in the same way with similar design.