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Factory:Tabriz - one kilometer after the tabriz sofian police – beside ducal concrete

Anti-wrinkle waterproof closure

Arabeilgar (CCWash) with registration No. 16064 and 19 years of experience in the field of manufacturing different carpet washing machineries including automatic carpet washer, manual carpet washer, carpet wringers and driers, lidless spin wringer, round pot- shaped wringer, manual and automatic dusters, polishers and so on, in high quality and affordable prices for customers. All machines have 1 year guarantee and 15 years of after sales services.
Arabeilgar's lidless spin carpet wringer:

• with speed control system

• inner and outer drums are made of steel plates with static and galvanized cover for preventing from stain and corrosion

• drum can be made of stainless steel based on order

• high quality drying without leaving any fold sign

• the best carpet drying model with the highest technology

• the least vibration and noise due to the plastic and spring pods

• fixing on the floor by bolt is not required

• operator can run the machine by himself

• roll the carpet before replacing into the machine

When apparatus starts to work, during the first turn, carpet is unrolled and takes the form of spin drum to balance the apparatus and lower engine's load which consequently results in less electricity consumption.

In this lidless model of Arabeilgar carpet wringer, a motor engine of 10HP and 3000 rpm is used which reduces wringing time to minimum. The use of more powerful motor in compare to available models in market reduces the final speed time with stronger break which enables the complete stop of machine in several seconds.

The machine uses powerful resilience mounting in its chassis. Thus, in very high speeds, it runs smoothly and without vibration. Simple placement of carpet inside spin, long life and easy maintenance are considered in its designing.

Removing of bearing lid in this model decreased carpet placement time inside the drum and operator can check proper function of machine during wringing process. Meanwhile, this innovative design reduces errors and malfunction, fixing and maintenance costs.

The notable advantage of spin carpet wringer is its high efficiency (up to 95% drying) which reduces drying time to one third of available models in market. After wringing, carpet is left out for some hours to be dried completely before delivery.

The spin speed is up to 2000 rpm with unique design of this model. The machine rolls the carpet automatically by inverse turning after drying, so carpets are easily moved out.