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This model is the best choice for extremely dirty carpets. Due to the whips, dirt is swept away. Foam is washed out by high pressure spraying of water. Different lengths are available based on order. 1033222195041001B Technical specifications By use of duster, all dust and dirt are removed. For example, in carpets up to 6 square meters, 50 to 100 gr. dust left out after beating. Through this technology, cleaning time will be decreased and by one person, up to 300 square meters may be cleaned in one hour. Power consumption for every 500 square meters is 3-4 kW. It's very simple and easy to use. Arabeilgar, as the only agent of CleanVac Company in Iran, is responsible for installation and after sales services of this model. 1033226785041001B Carpet dusters: Dusters are among important items in carpet washing plants. Automatic dust removing machine completely separates heavy soiling and dirt from any area rug. With the dry soil removed first, the cleaning or washing process becomes quick and easy. • With feeding conveyor. • Conveyor belt table and rolling system • Lighter particles are removed by powerful fans and filters • Dust and soiling automatically exits the machine Automatic and manual models are available. Table type duster has a better performance in compare to rotational type. Automatic carpet beater or duster: With whip and vacuum, Arabeilgar's dusters clean your carpet with high quality and no pollution. (Use in all carpet cleaning plants) Weight: 1800kg Length: 580 cm Width: 160 cm Height 160 cm Electromotor power: 4 motors with allover power of 18HP Cleaning capacity in every 8 hours: 300400 square meters