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Factory:Tabriz - one kilometer after the tabriz sofian police – beside ducal concrete

Full automatic tunnel carwash equipment

The use of full-automatic tunnel cleaner is the best environmental friendly way to wash your car


1- Conveyor system based on Christ Company standard of Germany

2-sliding plate for better movement of vehicle on conveyor

3-pre-washing unit

4- Foam injection unit

5- Bumper and hubcap washer for high quality washing

6- 5-9 sensofill brushes of soft polyethylene (anti-scratch foam)

7- Underbody cleaning lance with high injection pressure

8- Automatic waxing unit

9- 4 side dryer (with the least distance from vehicle's body due to the higher drying quality)

10- German software and programming system

11- German and Italian parts are used in manufacturing

12- Italian engine and gearbox

13- 2 numeration system of washed vehicles

14- HMI control system by operator (industrial touch screen control panel)

15- Longitude distance control system for preventing from car crashes

16- Emergency stop system

17- Intelligent PLC

18- Intelligent alarm system of service time

19- Intelligent Italian error identification and troubleshooting system