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Factory:Tabriz - one kilometer after the tabriz sofian police – beside ducal concrete


Anti-wrinkle waterproof closure
Arabeilgar (CCWash) with registration No. 16064 and 19 years of experience in the field of manufacturing different carpet washing machineries including automatic carpet washer, manual carpet washer, carpet wringers and driers, lidless spin wringer, round pot- shaped wringer, manual and automatic dusters, polishers and so on, in high quality and affordable prices for customers. All machines have 1 year guarantee and 15 years of after sales services.
Carpet dryer
Company arabe Ilgar one of the largest producers of industrial plants vmashin the rug in the country and Atkal technical knowledge and abilities of young people walking in the area affected aimed at employment generation and foreign exchange savings in the field of industrial components and localization of high-tech industry to improve the quality and ease of maintenance and thus help to promote more industry index in the country.
Tunnel Carwash How to use
Tunnel automatic carwashes generally have the same functionality. So that the vehicle is first in place In general, automatic tunnel carwashes have the same function. At first, vehicle is leaded to tunnel's entrance. After fixing the car in its place, conveyor runs and vehicle is placed in the main tunnel
Tunnel Carwash Setup
Carwashes : Carwash units are service-based units with good income and profit, found in small and big cities, affording cleaning services in variety of methods.
Automatic Tunnel Carwash
Caring for car rides is an important part in maintaining the quality and beauty of the car.
A comprehensive overview of the various parts to be used in the tunnel carwash
Vertical and horizontal brushes of Tunnel Carwash (CCWash) Vertical and horizontal brushes on apparatus are made of polyethylene. Softness and high cleaning power of these brushes result in ideal cleaning and leaves no line scratches on the body of vehicle. By rotation in different angles, Arabeilgar's Tunnel carwash provides full coverage washing.
Carwash Tunnel Automatic Waterfall
Automatic car wash systems tunnel car wash systems waterfall is one of the best cars that the car is designed and built with different heights also facilitate easy maintenance and safe operation of the other advantages of this system are considered.